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Mesutronic Metal Detector

The focus of inspection systems in the meat industry is on the outgoing goods inspection. 

Foreign objects made of metals, glass or stones must be reliably removed, and other quality defects must be reduced as far as possible. 

This ranges from a piece of stainless steel wire in burger patties to a missing clip on bar stock.

They are an indispensable means of meeting stringent quality guidelines such as IFS, BRC, TESCO and others. In incoming goods and production, they reduce costs and increase process reliability; for example, by controlling meat blocks or protecting processing machines.

Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric has been supporting industrial and social infrastructure by extensively developing power semiconductor and power electronics solutions as core technologies.

In addition, we are now working to realize a responsible and sustainable society through our energy and environment business by offering renewable energy solutions, as well as power stabilization, energy saving, and automation solutions, in order to help achieve the worldwide goal of a decarbonized society. 

Fuji Electric’s strength is its ability to independently develop and manufacture power semiconductors as key energy-saving devices. 

We utilize these devices in our power electronics equipment and offer customers comprehensive engineering services that integrate these products. 

By leveraging our strengths, we are contributing to the realization of the worldwide goal of a decarbonized society.


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